ARTRA Meeting 17th June 2019


20s Plenty Scheme

Formal support for the 20s plenty campaign,

30mph is the blanket policy, Barry Lewis remarked that is that really safe enough, and if the street committee agreed then he could try to implement the 20mph rule.

A vote was called and out of who was present in the meeting everyone voted for the 20s plenty scheme. (18 people)

It was then suggested that:

ï We should make a press release about the issue and bring forward previous incidents where 2 children had been knocked down on Athelstan road in the last 18 months, and present this to Thanet District Council offices.

ï Put 20ís plenty signs on the road

ï Make awareness the key points to local councillors

ï Then contact local newspaper and offer an article about this for them to publish

ï 20ís plenty Stickers in windows on the road

Dog Fouling

It was expressed that there was frustration about the lack of progress with the problem. The signs that had been erected were too high to read and that were also in the wrong direction making them hard to read and be aware of.

A suggestion was made to use plastic bottles with the bottoms cut off and attached to the lampposts upside down with bags in them as an incentive to dog owners to clean up after them.

It was also expressed that having the council enforcement officers having any impact on the problem of litter and dog fouling

Phone Boxed and Proposed building Development at the top of Athelstan Road

Suggestions were made to remove the old telephone boxes from the top of Athelstan road, due to miss use and attracting anti-social behaviour. It was also suggested that ARTRA asks the planning department of Thanet council for the devised plans for the new block of flats and ask about the impacts this will have for Athelstan road, namely parking and the building works when in progress. Barry remarked that we would have to speak to KCC about any parking issues and to contact TDC for any queries to the proposed development.

Street Lighting

After talking to TDC, and having tests carried out the street lights on the road have had the brightness increased from 60% to 100% for a test period of 3 months and if any complaints were made this would then be reduced.

Landlord Licensing on the Road

Christine Pearce agreed to give contact details to Matt to help with enforcement, health and safety and fire safety issues for occupancies on the road. It was remarked that there was a problem with a lot of car tyres in the back of number 36 and the problem with disposing of them correctly and Barry Lewis said he would contact one of the councillors to try and help with this.