ARTRA 2nd Meeting December 17th 2018

Emma Dawson apologised for not being present at the meeting due to illness - Kazimierz was thanked for doing the translation of the flyer into Bulgarian

CHILD ROAD SAFETY AWARENESS - Donít Kill Us, Kill Your Speed ñ Childrenís Art Project - Ayaan from OSEast has agreed to help work with local children to help raise awareness on Child Safety Speed Awareness and to make drivers aware of the dangers of speeding and to try to keep Athelstan Road to a 20mph zone. It was mentioned that 2 children had been hit on Athelstan road over the past 18 months. Suggestions were made that through art project, the signs made by the children would be key for publicity and awareness to the issue.

A resident made the comment that the new zebra crossing at the top of the road was not having its desired effect and pointed out how dangerous it was as drivers were not paying attention to people crossing the road.

Emma Dawson at TDC was asked about the possibility of Speed humps or a 20Mph zone for Athelstan Road, unfortunately the response was that it was unlikely.

Adam Littlefield from TDC, commented that he had contacted KCC about the traffic issues, and also concurred that they believed that speed humps were not a viable option. Matt asked Adam who we need to contact within KCC to ask for other alternative solutions.

GROUP ROLES AND MEMBERS - It was asked if anyone would like to join as Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer from any women in the group in order to give a gender balance amongst the association.

Eve Melville volunteered as vice Treasurer & Ayaan has volunteered as vice Chair

WASTE MANEGAMENT - Julie Dawson was invited but was unable to attend. Emailed and asked about the progress on a waste management pilot scheme to tackle waste problems on the road and also asked about street cleansing on Athelstan Road

-- Christmas and New Year dates change for all rubbish collection --

Louise (Park officer from Dalby SQ) invited anyone in ARTRA would like to attend the next Waste Management forum group meeting. Max Hendy + Matt Shoal, Luke and Eve expressed interest to attend. Adam Littlefield (TDC) said he would send an introductory email on behalf of ARTRA to join the waste forum (ABC).

Jane Manners suggested putting various recycling bins at the bottom of Athelstan Rd similar to whatís available on Dalby SQ.

Progress on Fly Tipping and Waste via TDC street scene officer - Mark Thorne, the TDC fly tipping officer has issued notice to residents in Athelstan road regarding the correct usage of the large communal bins and has requested an extra paladin bin for numbers 26-30.

A question was raised if anyone had ever been fined for fly tipping on the street and could this be brought forward to ask the waste Focus group about enforcement on fly tipping and how to go about it. It was discussed that we should report what we see to TDC to help the problem.

STREET LIGHTNG - Streetlights, reporting broken lights, possibly ask for more lampposts on the street as the new Led are not as bright. Adam Littlefield suggested that he would contact KCC about this.

DOG FOULING - Adam Littlefield ñ mentioned about Dog Fouling Signs, suggested putting signs on signposts, lampposts and on bins. He mentioned if we reply to him what we feel is needed then we can get the relevant signs for the Road. Suggestions to maybe include posters/signs alerting to dog fouling on the road in combination to the ëDonít Kill Us, Kill your Speedí signs.

ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR - A question was put forward as what are the rules around anti-social behaviour, the general consensus was to make a record of persistent offenders, times and duration of their behaviour.

PC Alan Steadman replies 11pm ñ 7am are the considered unsociable times, Adam (TDC) remarked to call environmental health and to keep a diary of times and duration etc.

Names numbers and email addresses for statutory noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour can be found on the campaigns page of the website (link?)

ROMA COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT/ENGAGEMENT - It was noted that Kassirer had made a flyer inviting Bulgarian to help communicate to the Roma people living in Athelstan Road.

It was remarked as to why are they not coming, Adam (TDC) made some suggestions on how to get involvements from some of the Roma groups, and suggested could we get a spokesperson for the Roma community groups to attend the meetings to help convey our message and thoughts? It was also pointed out that patience will be needed, as they may feel intimidated by our meetings and if we could get just a couple of people from their groups would be a good starting point.

Ayaan mentioned that possibly contacting Red Zebra could help. Adam (TDC) mentioned to possibly ask the Quarterdeck for some advice.

QUESTIONS AND REMARKS - PC Alan Steadman apologised for arriving late, and was ready to answer any questions from his perspective.

Alan advised that we should try to engage with the Quarterdeck for advice and meeting other local groups/people.

It was asked about what to do about speeding vehicles on street and the response was that maybe we could have some volunteers from Athelstan road for a speed watch?

The question was raised about noise pollution and Anti-social behaviour to PC Alan Steadman and the reply was that 11pm ñ 7am are the considered unsociable times. Adam (TDC) remarked to call environmental health and to keep a diary of times and duration and that if you contact the council they will send you a form to fill out. It was also remarked that this should be completed within a 2 week time period or the case would be closed.