ARTRA Meeting ñ 18/02/19

Barry Lewis (Labour KCC) attended this meeting

Everyone in the group introduced themselves



Communication with Mark Thorne (KCC) has spoken to Waste Management (TDC) and, has cleared the Alleyway between Athelstan and Ethelbert road and is aware of the escalating problem of fly tipping continuing after the last clean-up operation in January. Suggestions were made as possible solutions

ï CCTV that monitors each end of the alleyway

ï Placing gates at either end of the alleyway with key combination locks that all residents and emergency services know

ï Improved communication with the council on responsibility over the issue

It was also suggested that could Environmental Health(TDC) help with this problem. Further to this a resident remarked that by putting a gate where the alleyway is and a new paladin bin on 26-30 Athelstan road has helped in stopping people inappropriately using their bins and using it as an extra dumping spot. Another suggestion was made to contact Mark Thorne to see if it was possible to have more collections for the paladin bins on 26-30, as they do for the bins at each end of Athelstan Road. Mark Thorne has reported back to ARTRA saying that notices of misuse of the bins but that was the progress so far. Barry Lewis expressed the difference between KCC and TDC surrounding these issues and that their operational boundaries differ across the Cliftonville area. It was also remarked that unfortunately TDC officers were invited but have not attended our meeting.

Further remarks was that continued contacting to councillors can get solutions and now would be a good time as it was coming up to local council elections.

Another good remark was could ARTRA contribute a community response to help with the issue through public events, fliers, communication campaigns to solve the problem, especially if we get no response from the council.

DOG Fouling -

It was brought to the attention of the meeting that the council has not made any prosecution for dog fouling in a long time. Suggestions were made to have dog waste bins placed on either end of the road along with signs on bins. It was agreed to contact Adam Littlefield about the possibility of doing this.

Donít Kill Us Kill your Speed ñ Update

The Art project is going ahead with help from Ayaan (OSEast), making signs for speed awareness by local children. A suggestion was made that we could contact KCC to use old street signs.

Adam Littlefield had replied via email and also suggested that we use old street signs. Another suggestion was to possibly meet up with a resident in the Dane Park area who has his own speeding campaign, who may be able to help us.

It was agreed to contact the Open Spaces Minor Works department in TDC to enquire about getting some old street signs.

Funding and Help for ARTRA -

Dan Chilcott asked how we could get funding to help ARTRAís causes as councils have no available funds due to governmental cuts. Barry Lewis remarked that there may be some available funds available through KCC to help and to get the application in before May in time for their budget cycle.

Lighting on Athelstan Road

Matt read back an email received from Mark at KCC who has gone round and checked the luminescence of the new LED street lights and his response was that they are ok by his standards. Barry Lewis made a remark that a comparison was not made from the older street lights to the new LED lights. Another suggestion was to do a foot survey and count how many lights there are and potential dark areas etc. It was agreed to chase him up and ask for more details about his methods used in his work, the group asked if Barry could possibly help in getting a response.

Any Other Business


Remarks were made about the amount of people who park on the double yellow lines on Athelstan Road and how this is disruptive.

Zebra Crossing -

Many comments and remarks were made about the new Zebra crossing at the top of Athelstan/Northdown Road, as to how it is not working. One resident remarks about how on several occasions he tried to use the crossing and was passed by cars whilst still crossing and has now subsequently made him fearful of using it from now on. It was also remarked that a fair percentage of drivers ignore the crossing altogether, and it was also pointed out that the pelicans themselves have covers on them which make it harder to when driving. It was also remarked that the placement of the new bus stop because of the zebra crossing was also creating a problem of a bottleneck of traffic around the top of the road which in turn makes it harder to cross by foot.

CCTV cameras -

Remarks were made about how inefficient the camera at the top of Athelstan Road is, one example was made about an incident which involved a resident who was hit by a car and how the footage from the camera was unhelpful due to its frame rate and quality of image. Suggestions were also made if we could ask TDC for a new camera on the street with better quality to help with the problems of vehicles, drug dealing etc. Barry Lewis remarked that if one of us was to attend the next NEM meeting, we could get a chance to talk about this problem and put forward our suggestions.

Blocked Drains ñ

A resident of 26-30 came to the meeting and expressed her frustration and ongoing issues with the incident of blocked main sewer drain at 26-30 over the end of December last year. Residents in the building were inappropriately putting material etc down the toilets which in turn was blocking the main sewer outlet for the building and in turn made raw sewage flow back into two of the basement flats. Even though the correct help was provided to clear the blockages certain residents continued to block the drain and subsequently it collapsed. The question was then put forward as to could we have a way to make the landlords more responsible forcing them to deal with tenants who behave like this. Another point was raised as one of the basement flats had children and that even though Environmental Health were contacted, the responsibility of the issue was being passed around and not being addressed, leaving the resident feeling helpless and angry. Barry Lewis commented here that Roger Gough at KCC should be contacted in situations like this.

It was also suggested that we should invite members from the selective licensing team from TDC to attend our next meeting.