Email the Environmental Health Dept. on environmental.health@thanet.gov.uk or phone 01843 577000.

Keep a personal log/diary of all anti social behaviour noise nuisance, including dates, plus start & end times of the noise nuisance & details of the frequency & nature of the ASB, i.e. HiFi from a house, a karaoke machine, TV/radio, shouting/singing, car stereo etc.

When reporting please give full address details including flat no. where necessary. An official complaint will be set up and allocated to an officer, letters will be sent out including log sheets to the complainant. The log sheets need to be completed and returned for further action. Failure to return them will result in the complaint being closed with no further action

If further advice is required please email matt.shoul@artra.community - in any email to ARTRA please state your name, full address, mobile number/landline & you will be contacted within 24 hours - please note all ARTRA officers work on an entirely voluntary basis.

If anti social behaviour - ASB - noise nuisance is coming from a car, a karaoke machine, or any sound source present on the street - not from inside someone's home - it is a police matter. Phone 101 & report the ASB - please state that you are a member of ARTRA & that Athelstan Road is part of the PSPO scheme [Public Space Protection Order] & that a police presence is required urgently.

Please phone/email any friends & neighbours immediately & ask them to phone the police too - if 10 people report the same ASB, a fast police response is more likely - this is a 'numbers game' & this requires our mutual co-operation.


TDC Officer Mark Thorne - Street Scene - has added a 3rd paladin bin to flats 26-30 & has cleared the Athelstan Road-Ethelbert Road alleywayof iltter & flytipping twice in 2019 & has announced the introduction of 24 hour recording CCTV in this area!

Reports on the progress of this ongoing Waste Management campaign will be made on www.artra.community & at ARTRA monthly meetings.


An art project/speed awareness campaign 'Don't kill us - kill your speed', based on the national campaign 'Kill your speed - not a child', will begin in 2019, courtesy of Ayaan at Resort Studios/Project Space. This is partly as a precursor to gaining KCC support for physical traffic calming measures on Athelstan Road & Cliftonville West's residential streets: speed bumps & 20mph signage, by raising public awareness locally through the introduction of artwork on Athelstan Road lampposts in the guise of 20mph speed restriction signage.


TDC officer Adam Littlefield is looking into getting street signage stating the statutory fines for dog owners who allow their dogs to foul our pavements, plus dog fouling bins at both ends of Athelstan Road.


KCC street light officers are meeting ARTRA's chair & KCC & TDC councilors on Athelstan Road's inadequate lighting levels in May!